WebJeda is a web designing company based in Bengaluru. Designing beautiful responsive and functional websites is our passion.

My name is Sharath and I’m the author of this blog. I had no plans to turn this passion for web designing into a business. But when you love what you do, why not do it for living?! I have created this blog to help web-designers to get started in the right way. First thing you notice is that it is minimal. I believe more decorations lead to distractions. So you don’t see any bells and rings - only content. Second thing you notice is that it is fast. Because of some optimization and again no bells and rings. It is responsive for hand held devices.

I put my hard work building this blog that may help you in someway. How do I get paid for this? I run adsense on this blog. If you are running an adblock on your browser, I would really appreciate if you could whitelist my domain.

Most of these articles are also in video format. Check out my  YouTube channel

There are a number of ways to reach out to me. Here are a few.

For facebook notification on a new article you can like our  facebook page.

We are also on  twitter! and I heard Google Plus is no more but I still have a  Google Page

Please feel free to ping me on whatsapp if you want a quick response Whatsapp: +91 890 447 5972

If you are looking for a modern, fast loading, visually appealing website, then contact me. You can choose from the available packages (final price depends on the requirement).

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Disclaimer: This website is under constant modification. If you find something isn’t right then feel free to report.

Major changes


3rd June - Added 'disqus on request' button. 30th May - Reduced Fontawesome size to 10KB! 25th May - Sitemap link was replaced with Themes. A new Jekyll theme collection. 30th April - Some speed optimization and changed paragraph font to Source serif pro. 25th April - Changed paragraph font to Droid Serif and headlines to Helvetica. 13th April - Added Analytics Super Proxy to show page views on all my posts. Lost many views since I changed the URL of many posts. But Hey, I can show pageviews! 13th April - Added Table of Contents. 28th March - Removed emerald theme and self designed the website.
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